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What Does The Trim App Do?

Hello Readers!  I was at the gym this morning thinking about different ways of saving money.  People (even myself) have let slide or even forgot about memberships that we don’t use like the gym. I figured there are a lot of people that pay for things they don’t use or even need.

If you are like me, you regularly check your bank account to make sure everything that appears on the account is a transaction you made.  Gas, grocery store, trips to Target and anywhere else are all on the statement.  For me to miss a charge that I’m not 100% sure what it was is next to impossible.  I usually make around 10-15 transactions a month beyond my normal payments.  This allows me to have greater control and understanding of my spending and not have monthly or even yearly deductions that I miss.

-A little trick I use to keep all my bills and credit cards separated is to put the receipts in a folder labeled for the account (Bank Account or Credit Card).  If you put every paid bill or receipt in the account folder, you will always know what you bought or where the money went.-

What is Trim?

There are millions of people out there that constantly miss things on their bank statements and even unapproved charges on bills.  These statements come in every month with basically the same charges each and every month, except for a few variations.  This can make it difficult to spot a reoccurring charge that you forgot about.  Trim is an app that takes this extra work away from the account holder.

First thing Trim does is to analyze the last 90 days of your statement and looks for name that are associated with reoccurring payments as well as reoccurring payments.  The user must link their bank and credit card accounts to allow the app to determine all of your subscriptions. The app does this securely through a connection to the banking data API Plaid used by financial institutions and 256 bit SSL encryption.

The app then will text you list of companies for which you have a subscription.  It is up to you to cancel the subscriptions that you no longer want to be charged.  This is an easy task of replying to the text “Cancel (Companys name)” and the rest is completed by Trim.

Wait there is more!

There is more?  YES!  Trim will also negotiate your cable and internet bills for you!  The companies they deal with are Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, and any other provider.   Trim has added a service for locating cheaper car insurance by working with an insurance broker.  Trim is also working on addition added money saving features like negotiating over draft fees and which credit card should I get to create an overall program to manage you financial responsibilities!  Check out these addition features and any added features the app has added since this post was written.

How is Trim Free?

All of Trims services are free except their bill negotiating service.  When trim negotiates cable and/or internet bills Trim takes 25% of the money they are able to save you.  So if Trim can save you $20 a month then Trim would charge you $60 (5×12=$60).

I feel that if you can save money anywhere, the better off you are.  The Trim app not only helps the user locate forgotten subscriptions but also negotiates bills from cable and internet providers, shops insurance and negotiates bank fees.  I feel the app is an overall great app that allows you to find, fix, and negotiate other bills that can help you save hundreds a month in unnecessary expenses.

Use the FREE Trim App Today!

Stay Frugal My Friends!

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