Does The Honey App Really Get You “Sweet” Deals?

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A Little Information On Honey And How It Works

How many times have you bought something online and have not been able to locate a usable coupon code?  Well folks, the times of searching for a coupon code are over!  Honey is an app that allows consumers to shop online and not have to worry about finding the best coupon code.  Honey finds them all for you and applies the code that saves you the most at check out!  This FREE app helps you save time, save aggregation, and spend less on your purchases!  To me that is a win, win, win situation!  Check out and download Honey here!

The Honey app works in conjunction with 21,000+ internet retailers and unfortunately does not work in retail locations at this time.  Stores like Target, Amazon, Macys, restaurants, Yelp and 20,995+ other sites have codes listed on Honey.  Honey currently works in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the U.K.  Finding working discount codes to 21,000+ retailers with ease, who wouldn’t give this app a try?  If you are not using honey, you are missing discounts and passing up free money!

Honey turns the Amazon experience into a completely different and easier experience.  It converts you spending time looking for items at the best price into Honey finding the items on Amazon at the best price for you.  Honey lists the best price for a product right on the screen!  It makes it that easy to find the best price on items you are looking for throughout Amazon’s entire site.  It also shows price history for that item so the consumer may be able to see price trends and let you know if it’s the correct time to purchase the product or not.

Oh Wait, There Is More!

Not only does honey save you money but when you make a purchase at one of 3700+ certain retailers using the app you also receive cash back from that purchase.  This cash back is listed as Honey Gold.  Honey Gold is on a points system that you can exchange the points for gift card to you favorite retailers!  At this time these points can be exchanged at Walmart, Target, Amazon, EBAY, Sephora, Groupon, Nordstrum, Sears, 1800flowers, and Brookstone at this time.  Honey wants to add more retailers shortly.  Also receive $5 Honey Gold by referring all your friends to this app too!  It keeps getting better!  Download the Honey app Here  So you can share your own personal code to share with your friends and family too!  Get paid!

Another value option Honey offers is called Droplist.  Droplist allows you to save specific items for a specified length of time.  This option allows shoppers to be notified via email of any saved item price drops by 5% automatically!  With Droplist, the consumer can sit back and wait for the deal notification.   Let the deals come to you!

Like the functions and ease of Honey?  Want to give this app a try?  Please CLICK HERE to join Honey today.  I hope that you enjoy using Honey as much as I do!  Stay Frugal My Friends!

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