Want To Save Money On Gas Purchases? It’s Easy! Here Is How!

Want To Save Money On Gas Purchases?            It’s Easy! Here Is How!

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I’m always looking for ways to save money on different purchases.  Normally people don’t think there are ways to save money on certain things like gas.  The price posted is the price you pay!  I have found this is not the case.

Pay With Gas Buddy Today.

Gas prices have risen dramatically over the past 10 years to record highs!  I’ve always looked for the cheapest gas!  As funny as it may be, the cheapest gas station I was able to find has always received my business.  Even a one cent difference always made my decision.  Purchasing gas is purchasing gas!  No matter where you get the gas, it gets you where you need to go in the same amount of time, only for less money.

Gas Buddy

I found a cell phone app that made this process easier, GAS BUDDY!  Gas buddy allows you to go on the app and locate the cheapest gas in your area.  This app works even if you take trips anywhere throughout the country.  How does it do that?  It uses your current location to pull up prices and proximity of different gas stations in the area.

How Does The App Work?

This applications uses its users’ (crowd sourcing) to update price per gallon.  Why would you update pricing for different stations?  Gas Buddy gives you points!  You receive points per price update entry or by any of the other listed reviews HERE.  Each 1000 points you earn can enter you into a weekly drawing to receive $100 in free gas!  Did I mention you also receive 1000 points for signing up?  Get your FREE entry HERE!

What Is Pay With Gas Buddy?

Gas Buddy also offers a discount per gallon of gas purchased through their program “Pay With Gas Buddy”!  They are able to do this through their large network of over 70 million downloads and real-time gas prices at 140,000 gas stations.  Gas Buddy offers .15 cents off per gallon your very first purchase and .05 per gallon every purchase after.  This discounts are ONLY offered to members of the FREE service they offer call PAY WITH GAS BUDDY.  It is easy to register for this service by CLICKING HERE.  Following the simple and easy steps below can save you over $340 per year!

Pay With Gas Buddy Today.

1.  Visit or download the free GasBuddy smartphone app CLICKING HERE and click on the wallet icon to get                 started.

2.  Sign up by connecting a valid checking account to Pay with GasBuddy.

3.  When you receive your card in the mail, activate it by setting up a unique Driver ID in the GasBuddy app.                   Your card is now ready to use.

4.  Swipe your card at the gas pump as you would any other plastic form of payment. Your unique Driver ID                   makes using Pay with GasBuddy even more secure than a credit card.

5.  By using Pay with GasBuddy, you will save 15 cents per gallon off of your first fill up and 5 cents off every                   gallon thereafter.

That’s it!  Congratulations on saving yourself a ton of money per year!  You are going to buy the same product you’ve always bought, only now for less!  Stay Frugal My Friends!

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