Do You Shop At A Discount Grocery Store?  I Do And Here Is Why!

Do You Shop At A Discount Grocery Store?  I Do And Here Is Why!

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I’m not going to lie, I shop at discount stores!  Food, clothing, and department stores are all stores I frequent.  The only time I don’t do this is when I’m running late or I’m looking for something particular and I know what store will have it in stock.   There is not a better thing I can do while shopping besides saving money on my purchases.

Is Your Grocery Store The Same?

Grocery stores are great and normally carry food, personal hygiene products, animal food, cleaning products, flowers, alcohol, bakery, greeting cards, and many more options.  A lot more things than you normally need in a week’s time.  Also, not all the things that they carry are the best deals.  They are there to convenience the shoppers that will pay a little bit extra to save time instead of stopping that another store on the way home.

Everyone goes to the grocery store normally on a weekly basis.  If you are like me you go more than once a week because you always forget something.  When I go I know I always get at least the perishables (milk, eggs, cheese, bread, etc.) or anything kept in the refrigerator.  Since I make my meals almost every day, I do use a lot of groceries throughout the week.

Come Sunday, I figure out the meals I’ll be having throughout the week and make a grocery list of the items that will be needed.  I stick pretty strictly to my list so I am not over buying for the week or buying things I don’t need. Want help with recipes and grocery lists?  Check out Emeals for 14 days FREE by clicking here!

Easy Budget Meals Your Family Will Love

Im sure most people know that going to the store hungry will make your cart fuller and your wallet less full. That little bit of candy or a bag of potato chips that jumps into your cart always seems to be a problem.  Oh, and leave your children at home!  🙂

There are big box grocery stores in my area and Super Wal-Mart.   I used to go to some of the other stores years ago but then decided to give Aldi a shot. The big box stores are great and have a ton of options on everything.  The only thing I figured out was that many options for the same items waste a lot of time.  Going to the previous stores I would spend at least 45 minutes shopping for what I needed for one person.  That’s ridiculous!  Come to find out that all the food options and being spread out were the main contributors to spending so much time in those stores.

What Are Benefits To Discount Grocery Stores?

Discount grocery stores like Ruler Foods, Aldi, Save-A-Lot, and even the Dollars stores to name a few, are changing the grocery shopping experience.  These stores operate in smaller, convenient locations.  These smaller locations do not allow them to have 10 different brands of milk to choose from but can offer pretty much everything you may need (including healthy options).  These stores have pretty much everything their larger counterparts have, just not as many options and in a smaller footprint.  Start to finish I can do all my grocery shopping in 20 minutes.

People think that “because it is generic food or not from a name brand manufacturer, the food is not good”.  This statement couldn’t be further from the truth!  These companies have come a long way from 20 years ago.  These stores have a wide variety of products that are great and very tasty!  I can go to Aldi and buy everything I need for the week without going to another store.

If you aren’t interested in generic foods give the dollar store a try!  These stores don’t normally carry any fresh meat but they do carry fresh dairy, frozen department, dry and canned, all of which are name brand foods.  They also carry anything you may need for just around the house.    Visiting one of these stores can also save a lot of time instead of visiting a big box store.

Don’t Forget The Price!

Going to normal grocery stores with brand name products would normally cost me upwards of $80.  My normal trip to Aldi will run $60 one week and $50 the next for 2 people.  Just switching stores has freed up normally between $80-$100 a month that I can put towards other bills or savings.  Saving this much a month on something as easy as where I buy my groceries has made me realize even though items are cheap doesn’t mean they are not good!  I encourage my readers to give your local discount grocery a try so you can start saving money too!  Stay frugal my friends!



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