The Best Cell Phone Service for My Frugal Lifestyle

Here It Is: The Best Cell Phone Service for My Frugal Lifestyle

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If you are like me, you probably know you could spend less for cell phone service. However, you (like me) have been hesitant to do so because—let’s face it—you want your phone to work when and where you need it. In the same way you want your car to be reliable and start when you need to go somewhere.

After reviewing multiple alternatives, one clear winner rose to the top, and that company is Twigby.

Twigby is one of the fastest growing new players in the cellular phone service category. They are an e-commerce-based company which means they have no brick and mortar retail stores. Running their business this way allows them to operate ultra-efficiently and pass the savings onto their customers! This company also brings high quality customer service to the table. Best of all, they use two of the nation’s largest networks to back their service, which are Sprint and Verizon!

Service and Value

Upon me asking, Twigby was nice enough to send me a phone to test out the service for a week and I was not disappointed! I was able to use my current phone and the Twigby phone side by side. The phones worked almost identically! This is the first time I asked myself, “Why am I paying over $60 a month for the same service when I can switch to Twigby and pay less than half?”

No Contract, No Activation Fees

Twigby service is available without any long-term contract or buy-out fee.  This is always nice for peace of mind. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a contract and having to pay to get out.

No activation fees for this service is another added benefit that allows the consumer to put even more back in their pockets! And like any provider, you CAN bring your current phone number to Twigby.

Customizable, Ultra-Low-Priced Plans

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or any of the larger carriers all offer pre-packaged phone plans that are not able to be changed to fit the user’s needs. These plans may have the right minutes but the wrong data or vice versa.  The only way for you to correct the problem is to upgrade to the next plan. Twigby, on the other hand, allows the user to customize their plans by raising or lowering data or minutes allowing a fully customizable plan. The most expensive data price difference is $10 between 2 GB and 4 GB. For minutes, the difference is $2 between all listed minute plans. Additionally, all plans include free unlimited texting!

Never Go Over Your Set Budget

A great feature Twigby also offers is free overage protection to all of its customers!  This will keep your plan at its selected price and drop the data speed to 2G after the limit is reached. Or, if you prefer, turn this feature off, and your plan will automatically move to the next plan to allow you continued use at 4G data speeds. This can be a great feature when you have children that use the phone but you do not want to pay more than the minutes and/or data you have chosen for them. I know this may sound complex, but it is not! It’s a great feature that puts you in control of your spending.

Affordable Feature Rich Phones

Twigby offers a wide assortment of phones at a very reasonable price point. They have phones that start at $20 but also offer an iPhone 6 and a Galaxy S6, both coming in less than $250. Don’t want to buy a phone? Twigby also allows you to use your old phones that are compatible with Sprint or Verizon carriers—even iPhones!

Dependable Coverage – No Sacrifices Here

Some people may think that since Twigby is a relatively new company that their coverage is not that great. This statement is far from the truth! Since you are actually using service from two of the nation’s largest networks, Twigby could possibly be listed as the nation’s largest carrier. Take a look at their coverage map, put your address in, and check the coverage yourself! Twigby does primarily use Sprint as its main coverage throughout the nation. Verizon is used as a backup coverage when Sprint coverage is unavailable for talk or text at no additional charge to their customers.

Customer Service – A welcome experience.

Customer service is something that Twigby does not take lightly. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Twigby’s customer reviews!  Twigby strives to meet and exceed all of their customers’ requirements by offering a simple, unconditional, no-nonsense guarantee and believes they can do so by offering a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee! Just ask them questions as I did by chatting online with their U.S.-based customer support team. You’ll see the difference after the first sentence.

Twigby Pays YOU – Yes, Really!
Twigby offers a $10 bonus to customers whose friends sign up with Twigby. Plus, the new customer will also receive the same bonus, so everyone wins! And the best part – it is unlimited. Simply invite your friends to switch to Twigby like I have, and you can pretty much pay for your cell phone service every month.

What Type of Person Is Twigby Suited For?

I can easily say – ANYONE! But to expand on that, Twigby is suited for any users that are looking to save money over what they are paying now and not have to worry about sacrificing quality. A person that does not use cell service or who only uses cell service, children, elderly, businesses, families, or the high-volume user.  All these users would see a money-saving benefit from this service.  At the time this post was written, Twigby does not offer more than 4 GB of data per month, although you still have access to unlimited 2g data.  If someone needs a large amount of high-speed data, that would be the only person that may not gain from this service.

Why I Switched To Twigby

Twigby is the first off-brand cell phone company that has been able to convince me that you do not have to pay more to get better service.  There is no give and take. Twigby and their service have switched my mind to use their great service!  Thank you Twigby for offering a quality service and for helping so many Americans put a good chunk of money back in their wallet every month!

Interested in checking out Twigby wireless more?  Click Here to see plans, coverage, phones offered, and if you phone can be used on this carrier.  Do not forget, Twigby wireless guarantees satisfaction with their service and is also offering a 50% discount for your first two months of service with them as an introductory offer!  Take advantage of the 50% off deal through my site Here! Their already cheaper service just got cheaper!

$10 OFF Your Twigby Service!

Want an additional $10 off one of your bills?  Email me at to receive a discount code and more information!

Dang! Twigby got cheaper again!  Hope to hear from you soon!



4 thoughts on “The Best Cell Phone Service for My Frugal Lifestyle

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    Phillip Corbell - February 7, 2018

    I’ve been strongly considering switching my family to Twigby. Thank you for this article. Has helped me make the decision to move forward with it. THANKS!

    1. Reply - February 9, 2018

      That’s great to hear Philip! I hope you enjoy the service as much as I do and I’m glad you enjoyed my review! You are quite welcome!

  2. Reply
    Jenny - February 12, 2018

    Twigby is certainly a provider Im going to look into, especially after reading your great review! I definitely would love more money in my pocket every month! Thanks for such an informative review!

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