What do you do to bring in extra money?  I…..

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What do you do to bring in extra money?  I…..

Hello all!  Eric here and I have just been thinking about things on this beautiful Saturday.   I figure it is time for my first blog post.  So in reference to the title, I will explain a few things I do to bring in extra income.

If you read my about me section you know I have been self employed for my whole adult life.  I feel going from being self employed to holding a position with a regular company leaves me feeling like I am missing something in my life.  I am missing the fulfillment I get from creating my own destiny.  When starting my businesses I didn’t have a college degree, just a drive to succeed!  Although, while I was running my businesses I did end up going back to school to complete my bachelor degree in Business Administration at an online college (like running three businesses wasn’t enough!).

Ambit Energy

I ran across this opportunity with a MLM business (Multi Level Marketing) in addition to my full time job.  I am not a fan of the MLM product sales companies out there but this one was different.  You know the get skinny wraps or the smell good distributors to name a few.  I by no means am saying they are bad business by any means, they just weren’t for me.  The business I decided to get into was electric supply sales.  Reason being is not everyone uses the skinny wraps or the smell good items but think of how many people in the world use electric.  Exactly!

Most MLM businesses offer products that are uniquely branded to that business but at a premium price to be able to pay their distributors commission.  This business was different because they offered a lower cost for electric than my electric company.  I was thinking this is a win-win gig!  The only drawback is that they are only in select states in the United States but are expanding to other states and even countries.  They offer their electric service to residents of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia , Washington, D.C. and now Japan!

The reason energy is able to be shopped for is because of energy deregulation.  Energy deregulation is the removal of regulations or restrictions in the energy industry and allows you, the customer, to choose from who you purchase your electric.  States are doing this to break up electric monopolies and offer consumers another option at which they can purchase electric at a discounted price.

This business requires you to recruit others that are interested in making a good side income and they do ask you to sell to only people that you know, not door to door.  The best feature of this business is that this company IS a lower cost alternative, there really isn’t much selling and it’s easy to sign up your customers!

I have built this business enough that I receive a great residual income (get paid every month) month after month.  This was my residual check for the month of August 2017.


If you would like to check it out this opportunity, feel free to visit my site and watch the short video!  It is normally $429 to join this opportunity but right now through my site it is $75!  If you enroll yourself and 2 customers that will pay for your enrollment and you’ll make your first $25.  If you enroll yourself and 4 customers you will make $125!  In Texas they industry is different so they pay better and yu will make even more!  Not bad for a few hours work!

Building this type is easy to build and anyone can do it!  Promote this business to friends, family, and acquaintances. This business can be a great, life changing opportunity in which they might be interested.  If they are not interested, i’m sure they will be looking to save money!  Before you know it,  the business will build itself!

If you aren’t interested in the opportunity but would like to save money on your electric/gas bills click here!

If you have any questions please post below so I can answer them and answer for the other readers at the same time.


Since I have been in business it has been a challenge to keep all the information correct and separated but there are computer programs out there that allow you to make this difficult task a breeze!  After I sold my businesses I have started doing bookkeeping for several different businesses that don’t have the time or aren’t exactly sure what they are doing.

Most of the bookkeeping work that business owners need help with is part time but if you get several businesses all at the same time it can easily become a full time income.  One benefit to this is that this can be a work from home opportunity.  When I started bookkeeping for others I was only doing it for a bar business.  I have since branched off and added a nursing home, jewelry store, construction company, auto dealership and a supplement company.  Learning and becoming familiar with an accounting program is probably the hardest part! There are programs that are inexpensive that will teach you how to become a bookkeeper and make as much as $65 an hour or even more!

Window Tinting

I have always been a fan of cars and working on them, even from a young age.  I was 18 when I decided that I wanted to learn how to tint windows.  This was something that took me years to master but I still have all the skills and knowledge to still do a great job.  I have quite a few people that still call me to have me do their cars.

This was my full time job for 20 years but I still enjoy doing cars every now and then.  Why let good talent go to waste right?  Ha!  This usually pays about $100/hour so doing a few cars a month keeps my skills tuned and puts quite a bit of extra cash in my pocket!


If you are remodeling your own home or doing it for others, it usually requires a lot of knowledge and skill so this isn’t for everyone.  I recently had a house fire and I decided to do the general carpentry myself.  Not every municipality and insurance company will allow someone to do this themselves but if you have a contractor friend that is able to go over your work you could be able to do this yourself (please check with both insurance and your municipality before doing this yourself).  Undertaking this job myself I was able to save myself $30,000!  This also saves thousands if you just want to do it to your own home!  I don’t recommend taking on something bigger than you can chew but there are plenty of tasks you can do around the house (i.e. paint, landscape, fix items, install items, even cut grass) that will help save thousands for the project or even a year!


Some of the things I do, not everyone is able to do because it takes skill, knowledge, and experience.  Sit down and think about what you are good at doing.  Make items and sell them on etsy.com, do your day job on the side, or just find a side business that fits you and allows you to make that extra income you desire.  Use the extra money to pay bills, pay off debt, or take a well deserved vacation!

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed this article please share!

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