What If Your Cell Phone Service Could Be Free?  It Can!

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What if your cell phone service could be free?  It Can!

Cellular phones have come a long way from the first ones that were released not only in looks but price as well!  I have checked out a few companies that are the innovators of different types of service and price points in the cellular phone industry.  These companies I am going to review are Freedom Pop, Republic Wireless, and Twigby.

Freedom Pop

First of all, Freedom pop is the innovator of the 100% FREE cellular phone plan to the general public.  The network Freedom Pop uses is the GSM network which means any phone that is unlocked and is currently able to be used with AT&T or T Moblie carriers should work with Freedom Pop.  This would only require the customer to purchase a SIM card for their phone. If you don’t have access to an unlocked phone Freedom Pop does have phones available that can be purchased at a reasonable price or follow this link and get a LG Tribute 2 and shipping (299.99 value)  FREE!  (To check and see if your current phone will work here)

Freedom Pops FREE plan isn’t unlimited minutes or unlimited GB for internet usage but would be great for that person in your life that doesn’t use the phone much (i.e. elderly parents, teenagers or kids, home phone).  Their free package comes with 200 minutes talk, 500 text messages, and 500 MB for internet.  Additional internet is available for .02 per MB which can get expensive in a hurry if you use alot!  They do offer their 2GB Premium plan for FREE for the first month which allows you to try out the service.

Freedom pop does also have other products and plans available for hotspots and tablets.  They do offer a variety of other plans that you can have on a monthly bill or pay for up to a year of service upfront and there is NO CONTRACT!

Republic Wireless

Republic wireless is a wireless company that allows you to talk, text, and surf the internet over wifi when it is available.  If wifi isn’t available talk and text is still free and the only thing you will use is your data. If there is an open wifi network available then the phone will access it automatically and switch while you are talking or using it automatically without any problems. Data is available in different increments from 0 up to 10 GB per month and starting at only $15/mo. There is no need to worry about talk and text overages because Republic has unlimited plans for talk and text with the only thing needing to be purchased on this network is data.

Republic offers some phones at an affordable price and they also allow you to use your current phone!  To see if you can use yours just click here and click shop on the top of the screen.  This will take you to the area where you can check out what phones they offer, if your phone can be switched and what plans they have available.


Twigby wireless is a relatively new carrier to the market.  They bring a great price and high quality customer service to the table.  They also use two of the nations’ largest networks to back their service which are Sprint and Verizon.

I feel the greatest draw to their plans right now would be the ability to build and customize the plan one is looking for and the price of their service.   Twigby wireless allows you to choose the amount of minutes you may use and the amount of data needed for a month.  Minutes range from 200 for $9/mo to unlimited for $15/mo.  Data ranges from wifi only to 4GB for only $25/month.

Twigby wireless also offers a free overage protection to all of its customers!  This would keep your plan at its selected price and drop the data speed to 2G after the limit is reached or turn this feature off and your plan will automatically move to the next plan to allow you continued use at 4G data speeds.

Interested in checking out Twigby wireless more?  Click Here to see plans, coverage, phones offered, and if you phone can be used on this carrier.  Twigby wireless offers no contract, guarantees satisfaction with their service, and is also offering a 50% discount for your first two months of service with them as an introductory offer!  Take advantage of the 50% off deal through my site Here!  Their already cheaper service just got cheaper!

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