When is your next vacation, where are you going and did you get the best deal?

When Is Your Next Vacation

Hello readers!

I ask this question because I am leaving for vacation and was wondering if my readers had any travel plans!  I have decided to try a different destination this time.  The trip needed to be reasonably priced trip and received a great deal on a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!

Where I Am Going

After doing plenty of research, comparing pricing, and looking at reviews this is the destination I chose.  I wanted to visit someplace new to me, nice, warm climate, with a beach on the ocean, and reasonably priced.  I have been to Cancun, Mexico many times which it fits all my requirements but I wanted to go someplace different.  Normally with air fare, an upgraded room, and a seven day stay those trips averaged around $1000.  I looked into spending about the same and decided to give another location a chance.

Punta Cana was more expensive but I felt that the benefits of this location far outweighed the price.  All the different credit cards out there I applied for one with travel miles last year.  This allowed me to cash in my miles for money off my trip!  It lessened the price of this vacation to the amount of money I was looking to spend.

How To Find The Best Deal

My research and trip booking was all done through the internet.  I might have spent more time doing research but I’m someone that is always looking for more information.  There are quite a few different sites out there that I use to get the best deal.  This normally involves plugging different dates and playing with when you want to go.

When To Go

Plugging different dates, I have normally found that Tuesday or midweek is normally the cheapest time to go.  Tuesday, by far, is the cheapest day to fly.  Another reliable time to travel to make sure you get the best rates is in the off season.  Going south of the US, to the Caribbean or Mexico, I would recommend going in the fall or spring.  In the winter no one wants to stay in the states!  They want to be someplace warm!

Book Everything Together

Another way to get discounts is to book your whole vacation together.  Doing this you can receive flight credits, vouchers for resort credits, and even vouchers for other businesses in the area that want you to come spend money with them.  You can also receive discounts on car rental.  You can also check with your car insurance company to see if they offer deals through any of the car rental companies.  This can save you 20% or more for the duration of the rental.

Sooner The Better

The last thing I recommend is to purchase your vacation well ahead of time or you can also get great deals on last minute vacations too.  The further away or closer to when you want to leave the better!  The pricing is usually much better.  Last minute deals can be much better than any other deals you find.  The problem with last minute vacations is that you need to be able to put your life on hold at short notice.  If there isn’t a problem with that, then you are good to go!

Next Vacation

If you’re like me, you are already planning your next vacation before you even take your current vacation!  There are many places I would like to travel and sights around the world I would like to visit.  I began looking a few weeks ago for the next vacation and haven’t settled on a location yet but my birthday is coming quick!  I will figure out the details when I return from this vacation with price checking and a booking to come shortly after!

Thank you for reading and I hope everything in this article is able to help you out.  Have a great day and enjoy!


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